Co-Founder & President

Tammie Denyse was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. This diagnosis led her to take a deep dive into finding out about this disease and the resources and information available to African American women. At that time she was also working on her Masters at St. Mary’s College, Moraga, California, and she was required to manage a community project as part of her graduation requirement. She decided to spread the word that early detection saves lives. She targeted the African American faith-based community and designed an informative hand fan that appealed to her audience. She then launched a campaign to distribute the fans in seven Sacramento Valley churches. The response was astounding. Comments like, “I didn’t know that I was really supposed to do those exams every month,” and “That machine hurts too bad” made her aware that as her project was coming to an end, her real work was just beginning. Thus, Carrie’s TOUCH, Inc. was born.